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For over 45 years Demco has offered high quality fine arts and crafts products at affordable prices. We manufacture a wide variety of paints, mediums, adhesives and kit components. Demco also carries a myriad of canvases and brushes for all your art material needs.


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Featured Products

Demco manufactures, imports and distributes over 10 000 products. Let us introduce you to some of those products.

Power Glue Sticks
Non Toxic, washable, acid-free. Can be used for paper, cardboard, fabric, polystyrene and photos.

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Creative Product Usage

To invoke your creativity, we have created some simple projects using easy to find materials. We hope to build up a wealthy archive of projects, so please check back to see what new projects we have been conjuring.

Modelling Compound Photocopy Transfer
What you will need:
Posterboard or a painted piece of canvas panel (any colour you like), Pro Art modelling compound, Acrylic or Tempera paint, palette knife Alternative Step: You will need the above and one extra piece of posterboard/ canvas panel.

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Demco Private manufacturing program

Market a product line with your company's name and logo
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Demco Catalogues

If you would like to request a copy of our art supply catalog, or any specialty catalogue please click on the link below.
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